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King Culprit

King Culprit is a fantasy novel written by Charles Moffat in 1996. It is the third book in the Crimson Companions Trilogy. It is Moffat's third novel.

Waytorn, the undisputed King of Crime across the continent has decided to retire. Other forces vy to replace him, but not everything is going according to plan. A group of Cherte thieves led by the seductress known as Nevada has their eyes on the throne too. Can Waytorn, Rades and their friends survive the ensuing chaos?

The Crimson Companion Trilogy includes: The Paladin Assassin, Ice War and King Culprit.

The eBook of the novel is $7.00 on both Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo. However for those people who wish to purchase all 3 books "The Crimson Companions" series is only $9.99.

The Paladin Assassin

The Paladin Assassin
(Part One of "The Crimson Companions")

The Minotaur Emperor has been assassinated and the continent is on the brink of an epic war between minotaurs and humans. Wynic Doxon, the Arthian Royal Assassin, is asked to track down the assassin who killed the emperor and help prevent a war that would destroy the ancient city of Athex.

This book is Part One of the Crimsons Companions Trilogy.

Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle or Rakuten Kobo for $5.99.

The Paladin Assassin on Amazon Kindle - $5.99

The Paladin Assassin on Rakuten Kobo - $5.99

Ice War

Ice War
(Part Two of "The Crimson Companions")

An evil army has set up camp in the northern reaches of the continent and plots are afoot. The heroes from "The Paladin Assassin" are ordered north to confront this new danger and to seek out the legendary Spear of Destiny.

This book is Part Two of The Crimson Companions Trilogy.

Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle or Rakuten Kobo for $7.00.

Ice War on Amazon Kindle - $7.00

Ice War on Rakuten Kobo - $7.00

King Culprit

King Culprit
(Part Three of "The Crimson Companions")

The epic finale to the Crimson Companions Trilogy! Waytorn, the king of the crime underworld has decided to retire and it creates a power vacuum as mafia kingpins converge on the ancient city of Athex to scheme and fight to the death as to who should carry on his criminal empire. Meanwhile Rades and the other members of the Crimson Companions struggle to survive as chaos unfolds and a new force threatens global domination.

This book is Part Three of The Crimson Companions Trilogy.

Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle or Rakuten Kobo for $7.00.

King Culprit on Amazon Kindle - $7.00

King Culprit on Rakuten Kobo - $7.00

The Crimson Companions

The Crimson Companions
(The Complete Trilogy)

If you wish to you can buy the complete Crimson Companions Trilogy all at once for $9.99. Save $10!

The Crimson Companions Trilogy on Amazon Kindle - $9.99

The Crimson Companions Trilogy on Rakuten Kobo - $9.99

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