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The Myth of the Dark Eclipse

In the beginning there was the Eldar Noramir, beings made of light and between them they perceived darkness.

One darkness they sensed which was beyond all others would eclipse the light and with it came death.
It was the one thing that the Eldar Noramir feared and so they strove to find a way to contain this darkness.

They made stars for their homes, the sun, planets and moons - giving rise to new sources of light,
always with the goal of trying to fight back against the darkness.

They created Metrequia to give off a silvery white light, to give hope to all creatures who aspired to goodness.

They created Xarsius to give off blood crimson light, to give pleasure to all creatures who craved evildoing.

They created Triquirius the fire god to be both the sun and to provide light to weakminded mortals in dark places in the form of fire.

They created magic to create magical light so that strongminded mortals could provide light indefinitely.

But even so, despite all their efforts, the Dark Eclipse would always come one night each year.
To darken the sky, to darken torches, and even to darken magical light.

Dark doings happened during the Dark Eclipse. Evildoers who sought the darkness as their ally would use it to steal and murder.
Evil mages would find their magic intensified and it was the perfect time to strike against their good enemies.

And so it was that a tradition was born amongst the common folk of Korovia.
On the eve of the Dark Eclipse people would light torches, lanterns and use magic and travel from home to home to visit their neighbours.

Over time the good folk of Korovia would give food to their guests for visiting them,
some too old to make the journey would bake wee snacks and sweets.

And so it fell to the younger generations to do this good deed.
To travel from home to home bearing lanterns and to leave the lanterns behind to scare away evil.
They would carve the lanterns out of wood or pumpkins and leave them with flickering candles within to scare away evildoers.

Thus over time the Dark Eclipse became a social event for the common folk of Korovia.
But to those who know, the Dark Eclipse is still a time of great evil and there is a wisp of magic in the light of the lanterns.

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