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The Adventures of Wrathgar

The Adventures of Wrathgar is a series of novels and short stories created by Charles Moffat in the Heroic Fantasy subgenre. Borrowing elements from Sword & Sorcery, the titular character "Wrathgar" is a barbarian from the Snowfell Mountains of Korovia who uses axe, bow, arrow and a massive grosseklinge two-handed sword to defeat his foes. Trained as a hunter and tracker, the book series features Wrathgar using his knowledge of woodsman skills like flintknapping, tracking, evading foes, tracking enemies and more. However as a barbarian from the north he often has difficulty socializing with southerners.

Moffat started writing Wrathgar stories in 2007, however the concept of the character is much older, dating back to 2003. The first finished and published Wrathgar stories were not released until August 1st 2011, in the anthology book "The Assassin's Trail" which features a serial storyline and a coming of age story of Wrathgar's youth. Moffat began writing the second book in the series, "The Demon's Sacrifice", in 2007, but did not release the book until December 1st 2019 due to many rewrites, massive editing, and removing whole characters/subplots.

"One of the things I love about Wrathgar as a character is that he is essentially this cross between Conan and Batman. He is an orphan raised by High Shaman Korflex, but he is raised amongst the Baarstammderstark Tribe of the Snowfell Mountains so his upbringing is very similar to Conan [the Barbarian]. Unlike Conan however who is more of a wanderer without purpose, Wrathgar actively wants to find his parents. He believes that his father Wulfric is still alive so after the events of the first book he is constantly looking for clues for where he can find his father, and consequently has adventures along the way. Batman meanwhile is driven to avenge the deaths of his parents and is very moody. Wrathgar still believes that at least one of his parents is still alive, and he is optimistic about it, and his quest is one of searching for clues to find them." - Charles Moffat, 2019.

Illustration on the Right: "Wrathgar" by the artist known as Edgar.

The Assassin's Trail

x The Assassin's Trail, Trade Paperback - $5.99

x The Assassin's Trail, eBook - $2.99

Five years after undergoing the Test of Manhood, young Wrathgar has come of age and is tasked with bringing back the head of the murderer Muddenklaw who sought vengeance against his own people and murdered innocents. But Muddenklaw has escaped from the Snowfell Mountains and fled south past the dreaded Ogre Swamp to the more civilized lands to the south, becoming a murderer-for-hire.

Will Wrathgar be able to find the murderer, and bring about justice for those who were killed?

Or will Muddenklaw escape into a world of assassins who hide in the shadows waiting to strike?

Who will win in the showdown between the barbarian ranger and the assassin?

The Blizzard's Daughter

Paperback coming March 1st 2020.

x The Blizzard's Daughter, eBook - $5.99

'Blizzards' are wizards who specialize in ice magic (cryomancy) and have undergone a transformation that turns their skin blue. They become immune to the cold, but vulnerable to fire, and their cryomancy magic is enhanced dramatically. They are also very rare as only the toughest wizards can survive the magical transformation without dying...

The hunter and tracker Wrathgar knows little of wizards and their ways, but when an elderly Blizzard approaches him and asks him to track down his missing daughter and bring her home he agrees to the task knowing little of what lies ahead. What he doesn't know is that there is a prophecy about "a child of a Blizzard" and people seeking to stop the prophecy from happening have set their sights on the Blizzard's Daughter. If they can kill her maybe they can stop the prophecy from happening.

The Demon's Sacrifice

x The Demon's Sacrifice, Trade Paperback - $15.99

x The Demon's Sacrifice, eBook - $8.99

The sleepy farming village of Millkrest has been attacked and their virgin priestess has been abducted, presumably to be sacrificed to the foul god Masexus at a shrine deep in the woods east of the village. The barbarian Wrathgar teams up with the wizard Soljargon, the half-elf priestess Helene, the skilled elf archer Gyburn, and the halfling sneak-thief Kaeto in order to rescue her. If sacrificed her life-force will be used to summon a demon prince...

But they are heavily outnumbered and teamwork is not their strong suit, and Wrathgar has been forced into a leadership role when he has no experience in leading others. Worse, Gyburn and Kaeto keep arguing, and Kaeto keeps getting into trouble. What will Wrathgar have to do to forge the group into a team? What will it take to rescue the priestess and prevent the demon prince from being summoned? What sacrifices will have to be made in order to defeat the evil brewing deep in the woods?

Meanwhile the Xarsian priest Mordechai is on loan to the Masexites and beholden to the High Priest of Masexus. Ostracized by his own dark church, he finds himself allied with murderers, rapists and criminals. Firm in his belief that Xarsius is the true god of evil and that Masexus is just some minor god Mordechai secretly seeks ways to fulfill his own bloodthirsty desires and find a new liege who has loftier goals than slaughtering a single farming village.

The villagers of Millkrest are depending on this small band of heroes to rescue their priestess and avenge their fallen. Can Wrathgar rise to the challenges of leadership? Can his companions learn to work as a team?

Untitled Future Projects

Moffat is also working on other Wrathgar novels and short stories that will be released in the coming years. Check back in the future to see more releases.

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