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The Fable of the Sibilant Snake

Note - For best results, read this one aloud.

There once was a fisherman from far, far away, from the Reaver Isle some say. He rowed out on the Leviathan Sea on one sunny day, looking for some tuna and lamprey.

He had no luck in calmer waters, but he didn't want to starve or end up in the gallows so he rowed further out to sea looking for some promising shallows.

He tossed out his nets hoping his bad luck would break. Within moments he caught something so fearsome his whole boat did shake. Up from the depths came a giant snake.

"Whos iss diss dats disturbs mes slumbers?" asked the Sibilant Snake, its huge form wrapping around the boat and threatening to crush it. The fisherman shook in his boots, slowly realizing he would need to outwit.

"Uh, it is I... the uh, Fisherman King. I have come seeking you. I, uh... want to congratulate you on your greatness and I humble myself before you." But his pleas did nothing as the snake coiled like a spring, tighter around the boat like a child's plaything.

"Rights," said the Sibilant Snake, pretending to assess. "Ands mes guessess yous wants mes tos lets yous goess, yess?" The fisherman nodded enthusiastically, lacking words or finesse.

"Wells mes haves decideds," said the Sibilant Snake, releasing the boat and the fisherman breathed a sigh of relief. "Yous haves trulys impresseds mes withs yours courages ands nots shakings likes leafs."

"Oh thank you great-" but the fisherman's reply was cut short when the Sibilant Snake swallowed him whole with one gulp. The fisherman screamed and groaned from within the snake's gullet before being grinded into a pulp.

The snake swam downwards to its cavern and watery nest to regurgitate and feed its young. "Looks mes pretties, foolishes mans hass comes tos feeds yous. Feeds mes darlings. Feeds." The young came forward, licking their tongues.

The End.

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