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The Princess and the Foxalope

By Charles Moffat - January 31st 2019.

"For my niece, Olivia."

Once upon a time in the land of Korovia,
There was a young princess named Octavia.
One fine day in the gardens of the palace,
Octavia was playing and dropped her chalice.

Her chalice rolled and fell into a hole of dirt.
Oh no! She needed it for holding her iced dessert.
Crawling on hands and knees she crawled into the hole.
The hole became a tunnel, so large it could hold a troll.

Octavia kept crawling, no troll would keep her from her food.
From crawling to walking she came forward boldly to intrude.
This was no mere foxhole however, that much became certain.
The rocks were pink and blue and ahead was a silk curtain.

Pulling aside the curtain Octavia beheld a hungry troll.
Big and green and mean, so it could swallow her whole.
Dangling above its stewpot was a sad strange animal.
A red fox it was, but it was sad and low on morale.

A weird fox too, for it had antlers like a deer.
It hung from a rope above the stew, all a'fear.
Octavia felt sorry for it, she had a softspot.
The troll did not notice, intent on the pot.

Finding her chalice, Octavia got herself a plan.
She would rescue the fox from the troll's saucepan.
Hiding behind the silk curtain she decided to whisper.
"Come my faeries, let us do a prank on this trollish cur."

While the troll listened intently, Octavia changed her voice.
"Yes, my queen. I do love a good prank. Let us all rejoice."
She waited a moment, making sure the troll was listening.
"Lets use our invisibility to make him our plaything."

The troll didn't like the sound of pranks one bit.
He sprinted into the cave, deciding to hoof it.
Octavia waited, coming out of her hiding spot.
She rescued the fox from above the stewpot.

"Thank you dear girl for rescuing me," he said.
"I am a foxalope and without you I would be dead."
"Please take me as your vassal, you shall be my liege."
"I shall protect you through thick and thin during any siege."

Princess Octavia hugged the foxalope, together they escaped.
Back up the tunnel, crawling through the dirt they scraped.
Into the palace gardens, so safe, so beautiful, and quiet.
The foxalope's antlers got stuck, with help he made it.

Princess Octavia treated foxalope with iced dessert.
She took him to a royal ball in a wee dress shirt.
People marveled at the princess's pet foxalope.
He could sing, he danced, and even jump rope.

In time he was her fiercest of companions.
They traveled greatly, meeting many Korovians.
They fought ogres, giants and outwitted dragons.
Together they went on many funny adventures, tons.

The End.

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