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Dangarn Valley, Dangarn Keep and the village of Dangarn are located a day's travel east of Oraknev, and as such hosts a fair number of travelers and merchants. The region is relatively safe, with almost no trolls thanks to the Dangarn River and the Bogkeep further to the south-east, but there is a persistent bandit problem on nearby roads and trails.

The villagers of Dangarn are mostly human farmers and the village boasts only a single well appointed inn.

The village appears in:

  • The Assassin's Trail (pulp fiction length anthology/novel)
  • The Blizzard's Daugher (pulp fiction length novel)
  • A Hound Named Hunter (short story)

    The village is mentioned in other novels such as The Coven's Wolves.

    Dangarn Keep is north-east of the village and is in a state of partial ruins, but Lord Dangarn has been repairing the structure. The keep is isolated from the village and located on a cliff overlooking Dangarn Gorge. The local villagers and farmers consider him to be aloof and an absentee lord.

    Dangarn operates its own volunteer militia of only two dozen people, which is sizable when you consider that the village has a population of less than a hundred. During the War of the Usurper most of the villagers and farmer fled the region and became refugees, eventually settling in a valley south of Mount Relicairn.

    Last Updated: February 1st 2023.
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