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Giants of Korovia

Korovian Giants are typically 17 to 22 feet tall and weigh over 5000 lbs. Males have large bushy beards and hair, while females have hairless faces, but long shaggy hair. Their hair is usually black, grey or white. Giants are many times stronger than humans and humanoids, often between 7 to 14 times stronger than a normal human.

Giants often live in mountainous regions far from humanoid civilizations. As such they often vy for territory with trolls and yetis.

While most giants are uncivilized barbarians they are culturally very diverse, much like humans, and can master different kinds of magic like humans. Giants often excel at elemental magic: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. They can also sometimes specialize in specific branches of magic, like illusions or conjurations.

Korovian Ogres

Ogres are hulking brutes with lumpy but muscular appearances. They excel in combat due to their strength and size (often 8 to 10 feet tall). Strength wise they are often 4 to 6 times stronger than a normal human.

Like giants, ogres are often barbarian warriors, but they can also master various types of magic.

Unlike the larger giants who often live in the highest mountains, ogres are forced to live in swamps, rocky forests, and similar terrain that few others would want. Eg. The Ogre Swamp near the Snowfell Mountains.


Ogres can interbreed with humans (but not other giants), causing speculation that ogres are not really giants, but are instead a very large relative of humans (just like trolls are related to elves).

Half-Ogres are typically 7 to 8 feet tall and weigh over 400 lbs. Because they're not as brutish or as unintelligent as ogres they make excellent soldiers and mercenaries. However unlike normal ogres and humans who can master magic, half-ogres are unable to learn any kind of magic. Scholars suggest that this may point to some ancient magical origin to ogres as a race that somehow inhibits half-ogres from learning magic.

Korovian Titans

Titans are not technically giants, but have a similar stature. Titans were one of the first races created by the Eldar Noramir after they created Aoerth. They were the first race to master magic and as a race gained immortality, but at the expense of being able to reproduce.

Larger than even the biggest giants, titans stand at roughly 25 feet and 6000+ lbs. They are master craftsmen and fluent in many types of magic. However titans are often jealous of the power wielded by the gods, many of whom are lesser gods who were born and rose to godhood after the titans were born.

Even if a titan is killed they often have at least one clone of themselves waiting in stasis for their eventual death. Knowing that they can be killed titans realized the key to true immortality was to clone themselves magically and to leave their clones in a safe place, in stasis, with enchantments that will awaken the clone when the original titan dies. The cloned titan doesn't gain any of the new memories after the cloning process is completed, and the clones may be in stasis for centuries. Thus any cloned titan who awakens could be unaware of many centuries of history that happened between their cloning and their awakening.

With no need for mates titans are often solitary creatures. They consider giants and dragons to be beneath them, despite their comparable abilities. Most titans prefer their solitude, building homes either deep in the earth, beneath the waves, or in forlorn places that are hard to reach even by giants or dragons.

Historically titans have found more common cause with demons rather than with other titans. See the Korovia Timeline.

Last Updated: February 7th 2023.

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