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Gnomes and Habs of Korovia

Gnomes Some of the smallest people in Korovia are the gnomes, which could be more adequately described as 'Tinker Gnomes' because of their love of inventing things. Most gnomes live in the far north of Korovia, existing peacefully and building their strange hydraulic and steam powered contraptions which are highly likely to either not work or blow up with disastrous effects.

Gnomes also make excellent wizards, but they excel more at illusions. Gnomes are resistant to poison and can also spot minor illusions.

Habs / Halflings

Commonly called Halflings, but also knowns as Habbels or simply Habs amongst their own kind. Halflings are relatively common in southern Korovia and typically donít travel very far north. They prefer the creature comforts of their southern towns. Averaging 3 feet tall and varying degrees of skinny and chubby they don't make very good warriors and deal with intruders by building elaborate traps and hiding places. (Halflings make excellent thieves due to their small size.)

Halflings have no arcane magical talent and like dwarves are resistant to magic and poison. Halflings however are more curious about magic.

Halflings are notorious gamblers, skilled farmers and prefer to use confusion, ambushes and the terrain to their advantage when engaging in warfare.

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