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Humans and Half-Orcs of Korovia


Humans make up the core of Korovia's population and vary wildly in their ability to make war and peace, stupidity and cunning, cowardice and bravery, warfare, thievery and magic. The cities of Azek, Koastmark, Kost, Oraknev and Weyvin are mostly humans. See the descriptions of specific cities for more details about the societies of humans within those regions.

Many humans also live in wilderness regions such as the Loqpathian mountains, the Great Horns, the Snowfells, the Icy Peaks, the Tranquils, the Golden Peaks and the Bones. Such humans are either tribal (and commonly referred to as barbarians) or live in small tight knit villages and hamlets that are so small they aren't even shown on maps.

Within Korovia there are many differents kinds of humans, including those ethnically native to Korovia, as well as humans whose ancestors came from different regions of Aoerth.

Outside of Korovia many humans live in the snowy north, in Al-Kazar, in the Azagolian Empire, in the kingdom of Lavordia, in the Horse Lands to far west, and on the isle of Quinias south of Al-Kazar.


See Elves of Korovia.


Half-Orcs are extremely rare for several reasons: There are almost no orcs in Korovia, as most are killed by the dwarves at the border between Korovia and Loqland, and those few that get through don't live long. The second reason is because most half-orcs get killed before they reach maturity, either by their own kind, by dwarves, or by other dangers. Half-Orcs have a vile temper and it tends to get them into trouble. If they physically look like an orc then it is a guarantee that they won't live very long. The only half-orcs in Korovia that make it to maturity are those that can visually pass as humans undetected and have learned to control their tempers.

Half-orc magic users are exceptionally rare, but do exist. They tend to favour fire magic / pyromancy.

Orc raiding parties that sneak into Korovia from Loqland are sometimes led by a half-orc that made it to maturity because they were born in Loqland and managed to survive. It would be incredibly rare for a half-orc to be born in Korovia.

Other regions of the world have more half-orcs, such as Al-Kazar, the Horse Lands, and similar far flung regions. Anywhere humans and orcs can both be found in large numbers half-orcs are likely to exist.

Last Updated: February 1st 2023.

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