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The large fortified mining town of Kazark is almost a small city, but what it lacks in size and population it makes up for with industry. Kazarkian steel is highly prized for its quality. The town is home to a multitude of miners and metal workers, and they operate a powerful guild within the town.

Kazark's elites have become very rich off of the mines, sharing very little of their wealth with the miners who do all the work. The city is also rife with pro-Xarsian sentiments as greed and other vices are firmly entrenched within Kazark's social structure.

Every summer during the solstice the town of Kazark has a festival to celebrate the fire god Triquirius (often honoured by smiths and miners) during which a great many lemons are imported from Sylvania for the creation of lemon pies and tarts, a staple food during the festival.

The people of Kazark love a good hanging and believe in "rough justice". Hangings are usually held in a market square in the north-west part of the town, opposite the aged Kazark Library which is closed to the public and covered with scaffolding due to the need for repairs to the structure. The library was once a mecca for wizards and scholars, but the town has become less accepting of such people in recent decades.

The town of Kazark is featured in:

  • The Assassin's Trail (pulp fiction length anthology/novel)
  • The Exorcist's Dagger (novel)

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