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The farming village of Millkrest is built on the site of an ancient battlefield known as Krest, the location of the final battle of the First Demon War during the Stone Age. In order to defeat the demons and destroy the demon portal it took a combined effort of humans, elves, dwarves and dragons. For many years the human, elven and dwarven tribes would gather at the site to celebrate the Battle of Krest and exchange gifts with the other tribes. Some people continue to celebrate Krest with gift giving during the Winter Solstice.

The village of Millkrest has been built and destroyed many times during the various ages, often with a new mill being built next to the Krest River. The mill is used for milling flour and as a textile mill for turning flax into linen. Due to its central location on the trade highway between Oraknev and Kost the village of Millkrest is a common place for merchant caravans to stop and trade for food, flour and textiles.

During the Dark Ages (Third Age) the village was abandoned due to the large numbers of demons still roaming Korovia, living instead in the forest north-west of the village.

Two to three days' travel east of Millkrest is Castle Windraven, home to the Windraven family who guards the border with the Troll Lands. Thanks to their efforts trolls rarely make it far enough west to harass travelers on the highway that runs north and south of Millkrest.

Millkrest appears in the following stories:

  • The Demon's Sacrifice (novel)

    North-west of the Millkrest there is the crystalized skeleton of dragon in a glade where only poisonous plants grow, the creation of which has been lost to the history books. The crystalized skeleton appears in "The Demon's Sacrifice" and "The Unbreakable Arrow".

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