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Minotaurs of Korovia

Korovian Minotaurs have the heads, hoofs and tails of cattle, but the bodies of large men or women. They are significantly taller (averaging 7 to 8 feet tall), larger and stronger than humans with an excellent sense of smell and are equal in intelligence to humans. Most minotaurs in Korovia have reddish rust-coloured fur, but black, cream and white minotaurs also exist. Minotaur females still have horns, but they are smaller than their male counterparts', but no less deadly.

Most minotaurs in Korovia, especially Ironskins, prefer to use their naturally tough hide instead of wearing armour. Likewise most minotaurs are law abiding citizens and leave peacefully as farmers and craftsmen. Minotaur warriors often follow the paths of ascetics, monks, paladins or become Ironskins. Some minotaurs are also known to follow darker paths, but it is very rare since most minotaurs are peace-loving vegetarians.

Minotaurs have no arcane magical talent, but some do become divine clerics or shamans. Most worship Orax, the minotaur god of honour, truth and strength.

Outside of Korovia there is said to be a homeland of minotaurs to the west of Loqland, which would require a long journey through very hostile lands to reach. It is said that the minotaurs of Korovia were once a nomadic tribe who eventually settled in Korovia after being expelled from their ancient homeland.

However the minotaurs of Tuirn believe in a different story. They believe that all of Korovia was once populated by minotaurs, and that the name Korovia in their language means "land of cows". They believe that any minotaurs living far to the west of Loqland are originally from Korovia, but simply migrated westward.

The minotaurs Hilda and her sons Grun and Brun appear in the novel "The Coven's Wolves", along with their husband Olaf.

Ironskin Minotaurs

Through training and devotion, these minotaurs who are a cross between paladins and monks and develop exceptionally hard skin. They devote themselves to avoiding all contact with magic, refuse to wear any of armour, and only use the bare hands, hooves or horns in combat. Ironskins usually wear a kilt and nothing else. They also take a vow of poverty (they are limited to farming and/or protecting a region in return for payment) and are strictly vegetarians who follow a code of what they can and cannot eat (eg. cows milk is okay, but any kind of meat or fish is strictly not allowed).

The Ironskin minotaur Olaf appears in the novel "The Coven's Wolves". Another Ironskin Minotaur, Fedir, appears in "The Exorcist's Dagger", along with his father Oleg.

Last Updated: February 1st 2023.

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