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Monsters of Korovia

Monsters of Korovia

There are many kinds of animals in Korovia like giant brown bears, sabretooth tigers, mammoths, wolves and (depending on the location) even giant snakes. But this just covers the relatively mundane.

There are also trolls, winter wolves (they breath icy air kind of like a dragon), horned trolls, ogres, giants, titans, wyverns, griffons, giant eagles, giant owls, fairies, nymphs, mermaids, nereids, dryads, undead, zombies, vampires, werewolves, werebears... and of course dragons.

When it comes to descriptions of such creatures its recommended that you base the description on a real world creature. See the examples below and note the details of colouring, stripes, shapes, etc.

Korovian Dragons

The most common dragon in Korovia is the Korovian Dragon, but other breeds from far-away lands sometimes trespass on Korovian dragon territory. Korovian dragons have silvery-white scales with a dull white underbelly. Their horns are curved inwards like ram's. Korovian dragons breathe both icy air and fire and both breath types are equally deadly. Korovian dragons are immune to cold.

Korovian dragons are fickle and can be dangerous one minute and benevolent the next. Treating them with respect is the best way to win their favour. They are easily affronted. (It isn't commonly known but Korovian dragons are also sworn to protect Korovia from demonic invasions and have a deep hatred of all demons. The Korovian dragons have been extremely useful during all three Demon Wars.)

Korovian Dragons like names with weird letters in it. eg. Zarmaxathrax is the name of a Korovian Dragon who lived during the First Demon War.

Al-Kazarian Dragons

The dragons from the deserts to the south are sandy coloured with a black underbelly. Some Al-Kazarian dragons have black stripes. They have short horns, but their tail is shaped like a scorpion's and causes near instantaneous death. Their head is shaped like a king cobra. Their breath weapon is a blast of scorching sand that melts flesh and shreds rock. Al-Kazarian dragons rarely travel to Korovia because they don't like the colder climate. Older Al-Kazarian dragons have the ability to grant wishes the same way a genie does, but beware their intentions because Al-Kazarian dragons are never benevolent and always evil.

Loqland Dragons

The most famous Loqland dragon to settle in Korovia was Great Scorch, whom was killed by adventurers over a decade ago. Loqland dragons are crimson red with black stripes, breathe fire so hot it melts rock. They are immune to fire and enjoy nesting near active volcanoes. Loqland dragons love war and will sometimes ally themselves with warlords or wizards if it means they get to share in the bloodshed and loot gold (they love gold). However they don't take orders from mortals and will not bow down to other beings or even other dragons. They are maniacally evil.

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters cannot be destroyed (basically immortal and indestructible) but fortunately are rarely seen. Seeing one is an “once in a lifetime” experience.


North of the town of Kazark (see maps) is a woods known only to the locals as "Ulmaster's Forest". The woods has a herd of unicorns and the alpha male of the unicorns is a black unicorn known as Ulmaster. Exceptionally strong, powerful and unique he serves as the protector of the herd. Poachers from Kazark sometimes go into his forest seeking the horn's of unicorns, which are valued at 2,000 gold sovereigns each to the right buyer (typically an evil wizard or priest). Local legends say Ulmaster is more of a demi-god than a normal unicorn and only the most foolish of poachers would dare keep coming back.

The Northern Leviathan

The Northern Leviathan is a colossal woman with the bottom half of an enormous water snake. She is so huge that she can lift a large ship with three fingers as if it was a hamburger. She doesn’t eat them however. She simply destroys ships and occasionally purposely drowns monsters. Her motives are unknown, but she appears to be good since she seems to strike more often against pirate ships and whalers.

No one has ever managed to communicate with her and no one knows where she lives or her motives. Not even the sea elves and merfolk know much about her, despite having cults that worship her.

The Leviathan can never be found unless she wants to be found.

The Trollish Pit Beast

The Troll-King Zyguinas created the Trollish Pit Beast through hundreds of years of magical experimentation. It lives at the bottom of a pit near the center of the trolls' mountain-city and appears to be nothing more than a colossal pile of green flesh, a gaping maw and two large eyes. It regenerates everything and usually sleeps when it’s not eating.

The trolls usually use the pit beast as a punishment for thieves and murderers of their own kind. Otherwise trolls usually eat non-trolls. It is rare that a non-troll would ever be fed to the Pit Beast unless they were considered very dangerous. It is therefore even more rare for a non-troll to ever see the Pit Beast, without being fed to it soon after seeing it.

The best way to escape the jaws of the Trollish Pit Beast is to either climb out of the pit (good luck with that) or teleport out using magic. Combat is impossible as it regenerates even fire and acid damage. Creatures inside the Pit Beast are crushed to death within seconds.

It is believed that only the Troll-King Zyguinas knows how to destroy the Beast (if its even possible).

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