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The Chronicles of Korovia

"The Chronicles of Korovia" are a series of stories (both short stories and longer works) by Charles Moffat that take place in the kingdom of Korovia. A running theme between the (seemingly unconnected) stories are dogs and/or wolves often playing important roles in the plot.

Because the stories are only distantly connected they do not need to be read in a particular order, but for those readers who crave order the author recommends reading the stories in the following order:

  1. A Hound Named Hunter (short story)
  2. The Hab & the Witch (short story)
  3. The Ghost of Garter Street (novelette)
  4. Pawn of the Demon Prince (pulp fiction length novel)

The Chronicles serves to add extra details to the kingdom of Korovia for fans of the setting, with the stories being interconnected to other stories in different series'.

Example 1. The character Soljargon from the Adventures of Wrathgar series appears in "A Hound Named Hunter", as does the village of Dangarn, which is where Soljargon later meets Wrathgar during the events of "The Assassin's Trail".

Example 2. Part of "Pawn of the Demon Prince" takes place in Arcau Falls, the same elven town where "The Midnight Dragon" takes place during the Adventures of the Bogatyr.

This theme of stories which are interconnected can be found in other series set within Korovia, but readers won't necessarily notice all of the connections unless they read the various stories and realize how characters and places are connected.

Nor is the end of the series. Moffat is working on putting the finishing touches on other stories that will be added to the Chronicles in chronological order (which may change the recommended reading order shown above).

A Hound Named Hunter
ISBN: 978-1086620603
Release Date: December 8th 2015
Price: $0.99 for Ebook / $3.99 for Trade Paperback

A mysterious wolfhound is found on the banks of the Dangarn River, north of the tiny village of Dangarn. The dog's injuries are profound, but he makes a rapid recovery and his incredible intelligence belies a mystery surrounding his origins. Wild beasts and orc raiders roam the woods to the north, underlying the fears of the villagers that something more sinister lurks in the woods to the north.

The Hab & the Witch
Release Date: April 1st 2023.
Price: $0.99 for Ebook / $3.99 for Trade Paperback

Dyfan Wrenfellow was a simple green grocer and herbalist until the day an unknown warrior came to his peaceful Habbel village and killed his dog. On that day, he swore vengeance.

Pawn of the Demon Prince
Release Date: September 1st 2023.
Price: $5.99 for Ebook / $9.99 for Trade Paperback

Young Katya Yerovik has been raised in an elven monastery almost as long as she can remember... and her memories before then haunt her as nightmares about her father and herself being chased by a red-eyed horse with fiery hooves. When she reaches adulthood she sets out traveling west towards the Holy City of Kost to try and find her father. Armed with a bow, a sword and some rusty splintmail she faces the dangers of the road. But unknown to Katya she has been a pawn in a game of chess from since before she was born, and the player is none other than the demon prince Varaziak who has set his sights on the Holy City of Kost.

Note: Originally titled "The Demon's Pawn", this novel was later rewritten, lengthened and republished under the new title "Pawn of the Demon Prince". The original version was meant to be part of a trilogy, but after much consideration Charles Moffat decided to rewrite it and release a single larger volume. The original version also used the pseudonym "Frederic King", but Moffat has since then stopped using that pseudonym.

The Ghost of Garter Street
Release Date: January 1st 2024.
Price: $2.99 for Ebook / $5.99 for Trade Paperback

Elderly thief Piotr wants to be able to retire, but the Thieves' Guild of Oraknev has fallen on hard times and are having difficulty making ends meet. When he finds a storm sewer grate that has been mysteriously opened he decides to investigate whether there is anything in the sewers worth stealing. But when Piotr bites off more than he can chew then it is up to the Thieves' Guild to rescue him...

Last Updated: March 25th 2023.

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