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KoroviaŠ is a fictional kingdom created by Charles Moffat in Spring 1999 and used in a variety of books, short stories and fables within the same setting. It is an ancient kingdom with a pseudo-Transylvanian/Slavic culture, blending Slavic folklore with Tolkien-esque fantasy. Humans make up the majority of the populace, but dwarves, elves, gnomes, habs and minotaurs also make up large parts of the civilized regions.

Much of Korovia is untouched wilderness where only beasts and monsters roam, including the Troll Lands - a mountainous region geographically situated between the Holy City of Kost and the port city of Weyvin. Many of the mountainous regions within Korovia similarly have monsters of their own, but the Troll Lands are especially dangerous as mountain trolls are big horned monsters that regenerate unless injured with fire or acid. Only the truly brave venture into the Troll Lands.

For millennia the land of Korovia has been under an ancient curse that placed it in a perpetual Ice Age where other lands flourished. This curse makes Korovia an ideal location for fantasy monsters to run amok while the good people of Korovia struggled under climatic hardships. Worse, every few millenia Korovia has also struggled in the face demonic invasions from the Abyss. The demons are seeking a secret untapped power that lies hidden within the ground itself, and thus Korovia is under constant threat of demonic invasion.

Common Races of Korovia

  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Habs (Halflings)
  • Humans
  • Minotaurs

    Korovian Lore

  • Calendar and Astronomy
  • Cities, A to K
  • Cities, L to S
  • Cities, T to Z
  • Cosmology of Gods
  • Culture / Economics
  • Geography / Maps
  • Guilds / Secret Societies
  • Heraldry
  • Monsters
  • Timeline

    Map of Aoerth

    The World of Aoerth

    Korovia is not the only kingdom within the world of Aoerth, and after 20 years of telling stories set within the world Moffat has expanded the world to a full-size planet, with a variety of regions and cultures to draw upon for their storytelling potential. See also:

  • Al-Kazar
  • The Azagolian Empire
  • Basikvia
  • Habbeland
  • The Horselands
  • Lavordia
  • Loqland
  • Quinias
  • Stilornvia
  • The Wild Lands
  • Zangolia
  • Zipteklund

    Novels and Novellas set in Korovia

    The Assassin's Trail - Book 1 of the Adventures of Wrathgar

    × The Assassin's Trail (Amazon Kindle Exclusive)
    × The Demon's Sacrifice (Coming Soon in 2019!)
    × The Demon's Pawn (Under the pseudonym 'Frederic King', Amazon Kindle Exclusive)
    × Through Fire and Death - By S. M. Martins, the only author thus far to receive Moffat's approval to publish a book set in Korovia.

    Short Stories set in Korovia

    × Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar (Wulfric the Wanderer, Also available on Kobo.)
    × Shifting Shadows in Iztark (Wulfric the Wanderer, Not Available Yet)
    × The Black Rose (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × Rise of the Red Moon (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × The Baby & the Village (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × One to be Reckoned With (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × The Night of the Dead (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × On Death's Door (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × The Emissary of Darkness (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × The Astral Plane (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)
    × Out for Blood (The Lilith Bloodstone Series)

    See the anthologies section below for short stories that have been grouped into anthologies for sale. Some stories (eg. Shifting Shadows in Iztark) are not available yet, because they are waiting to be published elsewhere.

    Anthologies set in Korovia

    × Lilith Bloodstone Book I - The Black Rose (Amazon Kindle Exclusive)
    × Lilith Bloodstone Book II - On Death's Door (Amazon Kindle Exclusive)
    × Lilith Bloodstone Book III - The Astral Plane (Amazon Kindle Exclusive)

    Fables set in Korovia

    × The Fable of Sir Fartsalot
    × The Fable of the Boring Dwarf
    × The Fable of the Graverobber and the Cursed Cutlass
    × The Fable of the Ice Mephit
    × The Fable of the Incubus of Izhamet
    × The Fables of the Jackalope
    × The Fable of the Sibilant Snake
    × The Fable of the Wolfkin
    × The Imp's Arrow
    × The Princess and the Foxalope
    × The Turkey Vulture's Tale

    Myths set in Korovia

    × The Korovian Creation Myth
    × The Myth of the Dark Eclipse

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