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The Kingdom of Korovia

Korovia is a fictional kingdom created by Charles Moffat in Spring 1999 and used in a variety of books, short stories and fables within the same setting. It is an ancient kingdom with a pseudo-Transylvanian/Slavic culture, blending Slavic folklore with Tolkien-esque fantasy. Humans make up the majority of the populace, but dwarves, elves, gnomes, habs and minotaurs also make up large parts of the civilized regions.

Much of Korovia is untouched wilderness where only beasts and monsters roam, including the Troll Lands - a mountainous region geographically situated between the Holy City of Kost and the port city of Weyvin. Many of the mountainous regions within Korovia similarly have monsters of their own, but the Troll Lands are especially dangerous as mountain trolls are big horned monsters that regenerate unless injured with fire or acid. Only the truly brave venture into the Troll Lands.

For millennia the land of Korovia has been under an ancient curse that placed it in a perpetual Ice Age where other lands flourished. This curse makes Korovia an ideal location for fantasy monsters to run amok while the good people of Korovia struggled under climatic hardships. Worse, every few millenia Korovia has also struggled in the face demonic invasions from the Abyss. The demons are seeking a secret untapped power that lies hidden within the ground itself, and thus Korovia is under constant threat of demonic invasion.

Korovia is the primary setting for Moffat's various books series, including:

  • The Adventures of Wrathgar - Heroic Fantasy
  • The Adventures of the Bogatyr - Heroic Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery
  • The Chronicles of Korovia - Heroic Fantasy
  • The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Dark Fantasy
  • Wulfric the Wanderer - Sword & Sorcery

    Learn More about Korovia

    Maps of Korovia

    Common Races of Korovia
    Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Habbels, Humans, Minotaurs

    Korovian Lore
    Calendar and Astronomy, Cosmology of Gods, Culture / Economics, Geography / Maps, Giants, Guilds / Secret Societies, Heraldry, Horses, Unicorns and Equines, Monsters, Timeline, Wyverns

    Cities, Towns & Forts of Korovia
    Arcau Falls, Azek, Bavik, Bogkeep, Dangarn, Kazark, Koastmark, Kost, Millkrest, Molloch, Oraknev Roknar, Shorin, Silekva, Sturvek, Sylvania, Toravek, Trollhaven, Tuirn, Weyvin, Yeksereannia, Zerburg

    Regions of Aoerth
    Al-Kazar, The Azagolian Empire, Basikvia, Habbeland, The Horselands, Lavordia, Loqland, Quinias, Stilornvia, The Wild Lands, Zangolia, Zipteklund

    The Assassin's Trail - Book 1 of the Adventures of Wrathgar

    The Adventures of Wrathgar

    A series of heroic fantasy novels, The Adventures of Wrathgar follow a barbarian from the Snowfell Mountains of Korovia as he journeys through the civilized lands further south, encountering assassins, bounty hunters, magic, murder mysteries, dark cults and darker secrets.

    The series is organized alphabetically (A to Z) and will eventually be comprised of 26 novels plus various works of short fiction that take place between the novels. The total word count for the finished series is expected to be in the range of three to four million. (For reference, the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series is currently 1.77 million and the 'Wheel of Time' series is 4.4 million.) The books chronicle Wrathgar's adventures from youth into old age.


    The Assassin's Trail

  • The Assassin's Trail, Ebook ~ $5.99
  • The Assassin's Trail, Trade Paperback ~ $11.99
  • The Assassin's Trail, Hardcover ~ $19.99

    The Blizzard's Daughter

  • The Blizzard's Daughter, Ebook ~ $5.99
  • The Blizzard's Daughter, Trade Paperback ~ $11.99
  • The Blizzard's Daughter, Hardcover ~ $19.99

    The Coven's Wolves

  • The Coven's Wolves, Ebook ~ $9.99
  • The Coven's Wolves, Trade Paperback ~ $21.99
  • The Coven's Wolves, Hardcover ~ $29.99

    The Demon's Sacrifice

  • The Demon's Sacrifice, Ebook ~ $9.99
  • The Demon's Sacrifice, Trade Paperback ~ $21.99
  • The Demon's Sacrifice, Hardcover ~ $29.99

    The Exorcist's Dagger

  • The Exorcist's Dagger, Ebook ~ $9.99
  • The Exorcist's Dagger, Trade Paperback ~ $21.99
  • The Exorcist's Dagger, Hardcover ~ $29.99

    The Frost Giant's Tomb

  • The Frost Giant's Tomb, Ebook ~ $9.99
  • The Frost Giant's Tomb, Trade Paperback ~ $21.99
  • The Frost Giant's Tomb, Hardcover ~ $29.99
  • Short Fiction

    The Sunken Castle

    "The Sunken Castle" novelette takes place between books I and II:

  • The Sunken Castle, Ebook ~ $2.99
  • The Sunken Castle, Trade Paperback ~ $3.99

  • Portal of Destiny - Book I of the Wulfric the Wanderer Series

    Wulfric the Wanderer

    A Sword & Sorcery series of short fiction with books ranging in size from short stories to novellas: Wulfric the Wanderer is a warrior trapped in different time periods, encountering dark magic, time paradoxes, legendary monsters, and historical figures from Korovia's past.

  • Portal of Destiny, Ebook $0.99
  • Portal of Destiny, Trade Paperback $3.99

  • The Cult of the She-Bear, Ebook $2.99
  • The Cult of the She-Bear, Trade Paperback $5.99

  • Born of Blood and Ice, Ebook $2.99
  • Born of Blood and Ice, Trade Paperback $6.99

  • The Scarlet Arena, Ebook $2.99
  • The Scarlet Arena, Trade Paperback $5.99

  • Shifting Shadows in Iztark, Ebook $2.99
  • Shifting Shadows in Iztark, Trade Paperback $5.99

  • Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar, Ebook $2.99
  • Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar, Trade Paperback $5.99

  • The Unbreakable Arrow, Ebook $2.99
  • The Unbreakable Arrow, Trade Paperback $5.99

  • The Raven's Feast, Ebook $2.99
  • The Raven's Feast, Trade Paperback $5.99
  • New Wulfric stories are added once or twice every year. Subscribe to Charles Moffat's Newsletter to get updates about new releases.

    The Adventures of the Bogatyr: Anthology Collection

    The Adventures of the Bogatyr

    The Adventures of the Bogatyr follows the adventures of a Bogatyr knight in Korovia. Bogatyrs are wandering knights who dabble in magic and the supernatural, which they use to hunt the monsters which haunt Korovia's dark corners. The main character, Ilya Bogdanovic, encounters supernatural phenomenon and strange creatures like Rusalkas, Ratatuskrs, undead knights, she-wolves, dragons and more.

    A new Bogatyr story is released every two months, starting November 1st 2021 and ending January 1st 2023. Most of the Bogatyr stories are priced at $0.99 each, but a few of the longer ones are priced at $2.99. An Anthology Collection containing all 8 stories plus 4 bonus stories and excerpts from other works will be released July 1st 2023.

  • The Bogatyr & the Cursed Inn $0.99
  • Dark Shadows in the Moonlight $0.99
  • The Bogatyr & the Rusalka's Lament $0.99
  • The Bogatyr & the Gentle Giant $0.99
  • A Bag of Silver, A Bag of Bones$2.99
  • The She-Wolf of Eraska $0.99
  • The Midnight Dragon $2.99
  • The Bogatyr & the Cursed Parcel $0.99

    The Adventures of the Bogatyr: Anthology Collection
    Release Date: July 1st 2023, Kindle eBook, $9.99 or Trade Paperback, $15.99

  • Ilya Bogdanovic, the minstrel Valeska and other characters will be returning in a new trilogy of epic fantasy novels set for release in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

    The Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus - Dark Fantasy Anthology

    The Lilith Bloodstone Series

    A series of dark fantasy short fiction stories collected into three anthologies and one omnibus collection, the Lilith Bloodstone Series follows the adventures of a young necromancer who has chosen to hunt undead instead of creating them, and finds herself often fighting demons and powerful entities. Together with her friend/sidekick Raelean, she explores the darkest regions of Korovia for all manner of undead creatures.

    Lilith Bloodstone Book I - The Black Rose, Ebook $3.99
    Lilith Bloodstone Book I - The Black Rose, Trade Paperback $6.99

  • The Black Rose
  • Rise of the Red Moon
  • The Baby & the Village
  • Lilith Bloodstone Book II - On Death's Door, Ebook $5.99
    Lilith Bloodstone Book II - On Death's Door, Trade Paperback $6.99

  • One to be Reckoned With
  • The Night of the Dead
  • On Death's Door
  • Lilith Bloodstone Book III - The Astral Plane, Ebook $5.99
    Lilith Bloodstone Book III - The Astral Plane, Trade Paperback $6.99

  • The Emissary of Darkness
  • The Astral Plane
  • Out for Blood
  • The Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus Collection, Trade Paperback $15.99
    The Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus Collection, Ebook $9.99

    Pawn of the Demon Prince - Novel

    The Chronicles of Korovia

    The Chronicles of Korovia features stories about dogs, wolves and other canines, but are connected to other stories within Korovia.

    A Hound Named Hunter

  • A Hound Named Hunter, Ebook ~ $0.99
  • A Hound Named Hunter, Trade Paperback ~ $5.99

    The Hab & the Witch

  • The Hab & the Witch, Ebook ~ $0.99
  • The Hab & the Witch, Trade Paperback ~ $5.99

    Pawn of the Demon Prince

  • Pawn of the Demon Prince, Ebook ~ $5.99
  • Pawn of the Demon Prince, Trade Paperback ~ $15.99

    The Ghost of Garter Street

  • The Ghost of Garter Street, Ebook ~ $2.99
  • The Ghost of Garter Street, Trade Paperback ~ $5.99

    The Worgs of Winter

  • The Worgs of Winter, Ebook ~ $2.99

    The Seawolf of Weyvin

  • The Seawolf of Weyvin, Ebook ~ $2.99

    Raiders of Pravda Vremya

  • Raiders of Pravda Vremya, Ebook ~ $2.99

    Fables, Myths & Legends set in Korovia


  • The Fable of Sir Fartsalot
  • The Fable of the Boring Dwarf
  • The Fable of the Crow and Raven
  • The Fable of the Dragon's Bank
  • The Fable of the Graverobber and the Cursed Cutlass
  • The Fable of the Ice Mephit
  • The Fable of the Incubus of Izhamet
  • The Fables of the Jackalope
  • The Fable of the Sibilant Snake
  • The Fable of the Wolfkin
  • The Imp's Arrow
  • The Princess and the Foxalope
  • The Turkey Vulture's Tale
  • Myths

  • The Korovia Creation Myth
  • The Myth of the Dark Eclipse
  • Legends

  • The Legend of Dark Maya
  • The Legend of Nordica

  • Last Updated: February 9th 2023.
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