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Charles Moffat is a Canadian writer who writes both fiction and non-fiction. He has been writing and publishing fictional works since the age of ten. His early works were primarily were short stories about pirate adventures which were published on a weekly basis in a local newspaper.

As Moffat got older he began writing more fantasy works, often delving into plots involving espionage and assassins. In recent years he has become a fan of Robert E. Howard (the creator of Conan the Barbarian) and become interested in traditional sword and sorcery fantasy.

His writing style is action-packed and incorporates fight choreography, martial arts with detailed (often metaphorical) plots. His major work (The Crimson Companions Trilogy) is a series of three novels which focuses heavily on firearms, a technological/magical arms race and espionage/sabotage and assassinations, creating metaphors for the real world's thirst for armaments.

One of his other works of note was "Rise of the Blade" a novel written for the popular 'Forgotten Realms' series. Unfortunately the publisher TSR was bought out by rival company Wizards of the Coast and the novel wasn't published. Years later Rise of the Blade is now available as an eBook.

Fantasy authors whom Moffat enjoys include (in alphabetical order by last name): Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Brooks, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lewis Carroll, Elaine Cunningham, L. Sprague de Camp, Troy Denning, Dave Duncan, David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, Jeff Grubb, Tracy Hickman, Robert E. Howard, Robert Jordan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, Mercedes Lackey, C.S. Lewis, H. P. Lovecraft, George R. R. Martin, Kate Novak, Terry Pratchett, J. K. Rowling, R.A. Salvatore, J. R. R. Tolkien, Margaret Weis and Tad Williams.

These days Moffat is working on many different projects, including short stories like The Lilith Bloodstone Series, scripts for various film projects he is working on and a TV pilot/theatre production called 'Kensington Six'.



The Paladin Assassin

The Paladin Assassin
(Part One of "The Crimson Companions")

The Minotaur Emperor has been assassinated and the continent is on the brink of an epic war between minotaurs and humans. Wynic Doxon, the Arthian Royal Assassin, is asked to track down the assassin who killed the emperor and help prevent a war that would destroy the ancient city of Athex.

This book is Part One of the Crimsons Companions Trilogy.

Sample Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapters Four to Twenty-Six + the Epilogue are not free. Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

Ice War

Ice War
(Part Two of "The Crimson Companions")

An evil army has set up camp in the northern reaches of the continent and plots are afoot. The heroes from "The Paladin Assassin" are ordered north to confront this new danger and to seek out the legendary Spear of Destiny.

This book is Part Two of The Crimson Companions Trilogy.

Sample Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapters Four to Thirteen + the Epilogue are not free. Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle for $4.99.

King Culprit

King Culprit
(Part Three of "The Crimson Companions")

The epic finale to the Crimson Companions Trilogy! Waytorn, the king of the crime underworld has decided to retire and it creates a power vacuum as mafia kingpins converge on the ancient city of Athex to scheme and fight to the death as to who should carry on his criminal empire. Meanwhile Rades and the other members of the Crimson Companions struggle to survive as chaos unfolds and a new force threatens global domination.

This book is Part Three of The Crimson Companions Trilogy.

Sample Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapters Four to Thirteen + the Epilogue are not free. Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle for $4.99.

The Crimson Companions

The Crimson Companions
(The Complete Trilogy)

If you wish to you can buy the complete Crimson Companions Trilogy all at once for $9.99. Save $4!

The Crimson Companions Trilogy ($7.48 USD on Kindle)

The Crimson Companions Trilogy ($9.99 USD on Kobo)

Rise of the Blade

Rise of the Blade
(Forgotten Realms, Harper Series)

The Forgotten Realms Edition. A legendary warrior has come back to life and is on a murderous rampage on the streets of Waterdeep. Retired gladiator and Academy of Combat instructor Pierce O'Hiram is dragged back into service for the Harpers one last time in an effort to stop the killings.

Sample Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Read Chapters Four to Thirteen + the Epilogue by downloading the Free eBook!

Right Click and Save As to download "Rise of the Blade" for Free

Brutus and Avianna

Brutus & Avianna
(Adult Romance / Fantasy Short Novel)

A love story between an human barbarian and an elf female. Due to mature themes Brutus & Avianna is only available as an eBook. Sorry, no sample chapters. Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

Brutus & Avianna ($2.99 USD on Kindle)


The Girl in the Red Hoodie

A free web series of a new book Moffat is working on. It is one of his rare departures from fantasy, and is also meant for a Young Adult (12 to 18) audience.

Yasmeena is an immigrant from Saudi Arabia who works at her father's boxing gym. Fate takes her on a different and strange journey when the city of Toronto is targeted by a group of white nationalists who take hostages inside the CN Tower and conduct terrorist attacks across the city.

The Girl in the Red Hoodie - Chapter One
The Girl in the Red Hoodie - Chapter Two


The Lilith Bloodstone Series

Lilith is a young necromancer who seeks to help people and use necromancy for good, but she has many challenges in front of her as she embarks on a series of quests to destroy undead, solve murders, banish demons, exorcise devils, behead zombies and more. Witty, exciting and non stop fun!

Visit The Lilith Bloodstone Series main page to learn more about this character and her adventures. Each Lilith Bloodstone book is $5.99 and available via Amazon Kindle.

BOOK I - The Black Rose
The Black Rose (Sample)
Rise of the Red Moon (Buy the eBook)
The Baby & the Village (Buy the eBook)

BOOK II - On Death's Door
One to be Reckoned With (Sample)
The Night of the Dead (Buy the eBook)
On Death's Door (Buy the eBook)

BOOK III - The Astral Plane
The Emissary of Darkness (Sample)
The Astral Plane (Buy the eBook)
Out for Blood (Buy the eBook)

BOOK IV - Drowning Shadows
The Death Curse of a Dying Man (Unavailable Online)
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Unavailable Online)
Mating Rituals of the Zaratan (Unavailable Online)

BOOK V - The Girl with the Obsidian Dagger
The Girl who talked to Ghosts (Unavailable Online)
The Girl with the Obsidian Dagger (Unavailable Online)
The Girl who rode a Nightmare (Unavailable Online)

BOOK VI - Twilight on the Edge of Oblivion
Dawn of Shadows (Unavailable Online)
The Ghoul Apocalypse (Unavailable Online)
Twilight on the Edge of Oblivion (Unavailable Online)

The Adventures of Wrathgar

A young hunter and ranger Wrathgar comes from a tribe of barbarians known as the Baarstammderstark. They have their own code of honour and are rather old fashioned. Follow Wrathgar as he journeys forth from his land to find and bring back the head of murderer...

The Adventures of Wrathgar: Volume I - The Assassin's Trail
Part One: Test of Manhood (Sample)
Part Two: Vengeance (Buy the eBook)
Part Three: The Road to Mijae (Buy the eBook)

Coming soon...

The Adventures of Wrathgar: Volume II - The Demon's Sacrifice

The Adventures of Wrathgar: Volume III - The Witches Coven

Korovian Short Stories and Fables

The Fable of Sir Fartsalot
The Fable of the Boring Dwarf
The Fable of the Graverobber and the Cursed Cutlass
The Fable of the Ice Mephit
The Fable of the Incubus of Izhamet
The Fables of the Jackalope
The Fable of the Sibilant Snake
The Fable of the Wolfkin
The Imp's Arrow
The Princess and the Foxalope
The Turkey Vulture's Tale

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