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"City of Melting Spires"
Population: 16,000 (mostly Humans)
Terrain: Sylvan Forests and Hills.
Economy: Medium, low yield farming & hunting.
Military: Medium, City Guard (250) + Militia (150).
Leadership: Lordship

Azek is an ancient fortress-city between two rivers and is one of Korovia's most well defended cities. Despite having a small City Guard and even smaller Militia, the city is notorious for its ability to withstand a siege. Its tall walls and the two rivers effectively block conventional warfare. Indeed, the only times Azek has ever fallen to any enemies was due to large sums of magical aid.

Not that it will happen again, as Azek has its own archmage: Lady Vidrazia, the ruler of Azek. Lady Vidrazia was one of the first lords and ladies of Korovia to swear fealty to Queen Kasiya. The human evoker was once notorious for her fireballs and lightning bolts, but has since simmered down and become the respectable (and feared) leader of Azek. With her in charge, Azek has survived several wars and sieges involving enemy wizards, all of which were dealt with swiftly by the 'Lady in Red'. The Lady is well known for wearing red robes all the time. She owns, but does not teach at, Azek's Academy of the Arcane (a school for wizards and sorcerers to practice their skills). Many cryomancers and Blizzards also study at the Academy of the Arcane.

There is sparse farming around Azek, the land has only recently become arable, and thus most of the food in Azek is meat from hunters and fish caught in the rivers. Merchants do bring extra food & supplies this far north, using the rivers for transportation, but there is a shortage of such merchants and thus the cost of food from the south is more expensive.

Azek boasts impressive architecture, composed of stone, wood and ice. Many of the city's tallest spires are rebuilt annually using magic because they melt during the summer time and need to be rebuilt with the help of cryomancers in late Autumn.

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