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One of the oldest and most impressive fortresses within Korovia, the Bogkeep dates back to the Stone Age / cusp of the Bronze Age. The monolithic structure is a mixture of architectural styles, having been updated periodically by the descendants of Bogdan the Battle Behemoth (one of the Heroes of Olde).

Originally built by Bogdan and his tribe of warriors, the keep is a traditional motte and bailey design with the keep at the top of a mountain peak, with a village built near the base of the mountain on the south side and various smaller fortifications on the west and east sides of the mountain, some of which are in a state of disrepair.

Not that such problems bother the sturdy and strong descendants of Bogdan, who are noted for their bravery and ferocity. This is perhaps due to a well guarded secret that lies beneath the Bogkeep: A spring of Silver Water, which has healing properties.

Like their forebears the Bogdan family continues to raise and farm woolly mammoths and use them for warfare. They also use the mammoths when hunting trolls, a common activity since the Bogkeep is north-west of the Troll Lands.

The Bogkeep appears in "The Blizzard's Daughter" (pulp fiction length novel) and is referenced in other works.

Mammoth riding warriors and archers from the Bogkeep appear in "The Demon's Sacrifice" (novel).

Castle Windraven

About a day's travel further south of the Bogkeep is another motte and bailey castle, Castle Windraven, which is famed for their giant ravens. Castle Windraven serves as a bulwark against the Troll Lands, preventing trolls from wandering west of the castle and capturing/killing any trolls who get too close to the castle.

Castle Windraven appears in "The Demon's Sacrifice" (novel) and is mentioned in the fable "The Turkey Vulture's Tale" because the character Bogdarius (a descendant of Bogdan) appears in the story.

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