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"City of Stone Golems"
Population: 14,000 (mostly Dwarfs)
Terrain: Hills and valleys
Economy: Stable, strong, manufacturing, trade route.
Military: Good (militia 600) + stone golems.
Leadership: Council of Clan Elders

Silekva is a squat city carved entirely out of stone with buildings that go deep underground and complex underground “streets”, with covered sewers and open (dwarf-made) rivers that run alongside the underground streets which are used for transportation aquaducts. It has numerous stone fountains, being both practical and a display of dwarven craftsmanship. The city has three levels of streets and weight-balanced elevators (some with donkeys for extra pulling power) for moving larger objects.

On its lowest level it has several barges which operate as ferries on the city’s larger aquaducts, transporting groups of dwarves from place to place (usually mines or factories). The aquaducts are designed like spokes in a giant wagon wheel.

It is easy to get inside the city, as its underground levels spread underneath the upper-city and has numerous entrances from the surface. There are no consistent walls to the city. The surface is essentially its first line of defense.

Silekva is peaceful and has a strong manufacturing economy. Dwarven clans own and operate various factories for creating a broad assortment of goods. Everything from glass to fine weapons is made in Silekva. They are known for their artisans who create statues and pottery. The Stoneworkers Guild is a powerful group within the city and has managed to raise the rights of workers and improve mining safety in the city.

The city is also unique due to its 12 stone golems that guard the surface. Dating back to the Last Demon War when they were created, they now guard the city from invasion. The Archpriest of Silekva, an ancient dwarf cleric, controls the stone golems and serves as a protector for the city as well. The stone golems wield huge magical stone hammers, which operate like Mjolnir in that they return to their stone golem owner after being thrown. The golems are part of local dwarven history and there are many legends about their defense of the city. The golems travel as groups of three. Three of the golems guard the Archpriest at all times. Captains of the City-Guard have magical whistles that can be used to summon aid from the golems when certain tunes are used. Different commands require different tunes to be played. The user must have dwarven blood to use the magical whistles and the whistles produce a sub-sonic sound which only the stone golems, dogs, etc can hear. The tunes are kept very secret.

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