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"City of Piracy & Thieves"
Population: 18,000 (mostly Humans)
Terrain: Farms, Hills, Seaside Cliffs.
Economy: Strong, seaport.
Military: Strong for the moment (standing army of Minotaurs).
Leadership: Mayor.

Koastmark has scattered towers and old battlements surrounding only parts of the city. The city is derelict in some sections, but with new buildings in others. Attempts are being made to revitalize the city's buildings, but the process is slow and there is not much interest from many of the locals. There are many abandoned buildings that have become havens for criminals.

Of all the cities that might rise up against Queen Kasiya, Koastmark would be it. The pirates and rogues of Koastmark are as bloodthirsty as they are greedy. Koastmark is notorious for its street brawls and open duels. Where most cities have a ban on duels and street fighting, Koastmark authorities really can't do much about it. They are simply outnumbered.

The City Guard in Koastmark is extremely cautious about who they arrest. They tend to look the other way when they see crimes committed, which leaves people who have been robbed (or injured) to fend for themselves. The city is also getting a large number of foreigners visiting from the Azagolian Empire and a number of these foreigners have set themselves up as gangs (often styling themselves as monks/rogues who extort from people in exchange for 'protection').

The economy of Koastmark is strong, as it is a very popular trading port, but it also suffers from corruption and piracy, which benefits and hampers its economy at the same time. Fish is the common food staple in Koastmark, and many of its fish end up in markets in the local towns. Without the fishing and the piracy, the economy of Koastmark would be poorer, there is no doubt. It could definitely be stronger however without its current level of corruption.

Many people in Koastmark are in favour of the pirate commodore gaining control of the city. They believe it will get rid of corruption by making the city 'more ship-shape' and there would be less corruption. Others argue that it's the pirates that cause the corruption in the first place, so how could it possibly get better?

The Korovian Royal Navy is anchored mostly in Weyvin, and is still relatively small. It is not sufficient enough yet to pose a major threat to the pirates in Koastmark. Indeed, it's the opposite way around right now. The pirates have been attacking the Royal Navy, and its only thanks to the Spiraled Lighthouse (owned by Maximilian the Conjurer) and an early warning system that the fleet has not suffered horrible losses in attacks.

The Mayor of Koastmark is a defacto dictator, for now. The city is currently under a lengthened state of martial law. Ironskin Minotaurs and Korovian Knights watch out for signs of deep unrest, but otherwise let the City Guard handle domestic problems. The Mayor is content to sit idle for now, keeping the status quo and biding time until the Korovian Royal Navy can send more permanent ships and soldiers to squash the piracy and impose order.

Before that happens however, the pirate commodore will likely stage an assault. There are constant rumours that the commodore will 'liberate' the city and proclaim himself Admiral and King of Koastmark. It is questionable as to what side the local militia might take in such a conflict.

Ignoring the standing army of minotaurs, Koastmark is the 2nd largest place for minotaurs (usually evil pirates) to gather. The pirate minotaurs are known for their rowdiness. They also do not owe fealty to the commodore. When the commodore tried to take over the city, they watched and laughed at the carnage. Since then they have actively opposed the human commodore, saying that they would never take orders from a human captain, even an admiral. This last idea has spawned the idea that the Korovian Navy should have a minotaur admiral, possibly Logarr who is a ship captain (and minotaur hero) on the Korovian Sea. The human archmage of Koastmark - retired - is Sheila the Blizzard.

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Last Updated: February 1st 2023.

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