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"Bastion of Hope in the Troll Lands"
Population: 1200 (mostly Humans)
Terrain: Forests and Mountains
Economy: Strong, trade route.
Military: Strong. 300 warriors +.
Leadership: Mayor & Lord.

Upriver and east of Kost is a town with growing popularity on the trade route between Sylvania and Kost. It can be reached by barge traveling up the river (pulled by horse or donkey), or overland by the road that goes beside the river. The town itself is a fort built on top of a hill near the northern most point of the river, and guards that section of the river for travelers. It is dangerously close to the troll lands and is frequently attacked by groups of trolls.

The town's walls are built in a perfect triangle with 60' towers in each corner, with archers as lookouts, who thanks to the triangle have three hundred degrees of firing angles. Two additional 60' towers inside the town provide extra fortifications should the town's walls ever be over-run. An architect from Oraknev designed the towers to maximize the number of archer points inside the tower and provide excellent protection from enemy rocks and arrows.

The town has a fair-sized marketplace, a tiny magic school and a pond where druids like to congregate. The town is a Mecca for rangers, druids, and adventurers seeking to kill trolls.

Merchants travelling via Trollhaven usually do so by boat on the Kost to Trollhaven route, and then switch to caravan and horses from Trollhaven onwards towards Sylvania. Thus Trollhaven is an excellent place to buy horses and also to hire more mercenaries to guard the caravan.

Three hundred feet to the north is a dark forest on the slope of a mountain. The steep road up to the hill fort is covered with boulders and shards of burnt troll bones. The walls of the town are 15 feet tall and the height of the hill gives the town another 25 to 30 feet over the surrounding area. The hill overlooks the river to the south only a short arrow's flight away (about 90 feet).

The marketplace has one magic shop "The Ol' Magic Shoppe", but sometimes traveling merchants also carry magical components and potions for sale. There is also a highly skilled human blacksmith (Gregash), an elven fletcher (Larilia) who mass-produces arrows and a horse-trader from Shorin (Bibbin the Halfling) who specializes in selling war-horses.

The wizard Kalmeister who runs the magic school is retired from adventuring. He also owns "The Ol' Magic Shoppe" (which buys and sells potions/scrolls/trinkets) and makes a tidy profit from teaching wizards in his school. The town's war wizard is an evoker named Ahaesianna Bloodleaf (nicknamed Bloody because she tends to get injured a lot).

The town itself was founded about 15 years ago by George "Shaggy" Wagner, a retired human ranger who built the inn and started to fortify the surrounding area. After many years of hardship the town has now become a popular place for adventurers and mercenaries. After the War of the Usurper ended Queen Kasiya made Wagner a Lord, citing his outstanding service to the kingdom. Wagner is still not used to the title.

The town is also a popular place for sightings of Adriaza, Korovia's most wanted criminal. Bounty hunters are a frequent sight in the town.

The druid pond is a copse of trees and a spring that is behind the Trollhaven Inn and its water is said to have minor curative powers. Many druids travel to it to appreciate the great oak trees and the pure mountain water.

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