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"City of Horse Races"
Population: 11,000 (about half-and-half humans & halflings)
Terrain: Hills, forests and farmland.
Economy: Gambling, trade and farming.
Military: Weak.
Leadership: Lordship.

Shorin has a small keep and wall that surrounds the city. The city was once part of Habbeland, but when an army of gnolls attacked them 1400 years ago the halfling royalty ignored them. Instead it was King Zaelean and the elves that came to their aid and the halflings of Shorin swore fealty to him instead. Thus King Zaelean secured another city to his cause. The walls that now surround Shorin were repaired with the help of the elves and have definite elvish touches to them (making them good for archers to use). The keep inside now has an enchantment on it (Protection from Missiles) which deflects non-magical arrows/etc.

Such benevolence was unheard of from the lazy halfling royalty of Habbeland and the halflings of Shorin have since become fiercely proud of being part of Korovian history.

The halflings (and humans) of Shorin like gambling a lot and frequently bet on pony races. “Sure win” is the real meaning of the city’s name, but pronounced with a drunken slur. The name caught on apparently and the city was renamed a long time ago to its new “more popular” name.

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Last Updated: February 1st 2023.

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